Pet 'N Play logo with owners John and Katy and their dog Ryder
Pet 'N Play logo with owners John and Katy and their dog Ryder

"Katy and John really care about their clients. This is evident in the way they treat my pets and the excellent communication and updates provided throughout their visits. Petrie and Pipette can't wait to see them again!" Beth

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September 2018

Quinn - Featured Pet for September 2018 Quinn

Pet's Name: Quinn
Proud Parent: Denise
Age: 10
Breed: 55 pound  shepherd mix with gorgeous piercing brown eyes, shepherd eyeliner and a shepherd beauty mole

My Personality: Serious, loyal , energetic love bug

My Favorite Toy: tiny squeaky stuffed animals

My Favorite activity: car rides, and going for a million walks a day, especially with Mom, Carol, John, and Katy

What I like: the winter season, cream cheese with my pills, pureed pumpkin for dessert

My Special Talent: Security guard: monitoring all of the windows in my house 24/7 BARKING....


Quinn’s mom tells us his story: “Quinn (formerly Bear) was adopted from HVHS last year at 9 years old. He had been surrendered by 2 different owners in his little life, once for dermatological health issues and the second time for moving reasons. He was left alone in yards most of his days and was known to be a fence jumper.

Last autumn, the west side of Ann Arbor had a rash of burglary attempts in my neighborhood.  It happened to me as well, one morning at 3am. Someone desperately tried to enter two of the doors to my house.   I was terrified.  Several neighbors reported similar events, yet having the benefit of being alerted by their barking dogs. So I decided I needed a barker. The rest is history


My Mighty Quinn perches at the staircase windows and monitors the perimeter of his house most of the day.  He alerts me when someone pulls in the drive, or walks past the house or those who come on the porch without an invitation. 

Quinn herds me from room to room, always keeping track of his mom. He knows exactly when I am home from work, always at the door with kisses. He reminds me when it's past his dinner hour or his next walk, by staring straight in my eyes with his tail wagging vigorously. (So cute and polite) 

When I cry, he licks away my tears. He is my companion on the couch and my space heater in bed at night. 


I do not want to remember life without my Mighty Quinn. He makes me laugh, he brightens my day, he forces me get exercise, takes away my loneliness, and provides me with unconditional love. 


Who rescued who? I think you know the answer to that.”

August 2018

Lucy & Lola - Featured Pets for August 2018 Lucy & Lola

Pet's Names:  Lucy and Lola
Proud Parents:  Ed and Mary
Ages:  Lola--3 1/2;  Lucy--maybe 7 or 8
Breeds:  Lucy:  Maine Coon Cat, most likely;  Lola:  long haired dilute torti

Our Personalities:  Lucy has never met a stranger.  If the doorbell rings, she's the first one at the door and loves to be around people.  Though she's not a lap cat, she always hangs out with her human family.

Lola is a bit more skittish initially, but once she knows the situation is safe she's sweet and affectionate and a real lap cat.

Our Favorite Toy:  Lucy loves her little red Santa, and always carries it around the house.  We frequently find it on our bed in the morning.  Lola is a little more serious, preferring books to toys.

Our Favorite Game:  The late evening chase.  Usually around 11 there's a need to chase one another through every room in the house, flying over furniture and occasionally leaping up onto the rafters in the great room.

What We Like:  In the winter, curling up together in front of the fireplace and birdwatching through the window.  In the summer, finding our special square of sunshine and birdwatching through the window.

Our Special Talents:  Lucy can hear the can opener even with ear plugs in; Lola can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

The girls’ mom tells us their adoption story: “For the first time in our married lives we were catless and thought we'd remain so.....until the fateful day we saw the photos online from a shelter in Maine, where we were vacationing.  Lola, a one year old single mother, had been given up by her owners, and Lucy, who was called Nadine when we first met her, had been brought in as a stray.  The two had become inseparable and the shelter would only adopt them out as a pair.  After our first meeting, and without a lot of deliberation, we determined we'd never again be catless.”

July 2018

Meeka - Featured Pet for July 2018 Meeka

Pet's Name: Meeka
Proud Parent: Stacy and Adam
Age: 2
Breed: Australian Shepherd

My Personality: Sweet and loving, but many things still scare me.

My Favorite Toy: Squirrel on a fishing pole.

My Favorite Game: Chasing the squirrel!

What I Like: Being held and petted.

My Special Talent: Agility. I can leap over all the furniture in the house and go from 0 to 60 in two seconds.

Meeka tells us her adoption Story: “I was originally adopted as a puppy by a couple who had two very young kids. Their home wasn’t stable, and I didn’t get a lot of attention or training – I spent a lot of time outside on a lead. After living five different places in a year and a half, I was finally given back to the shelter that had adopted me out as a puppy. Stacy and Adam, who lost their previous Aussie, Sara, to cancer a year earlier, found me online and arranged to meet me – and when I came to their house, I immediately felt at home! Although I have some “behavioral issues” – strangers and strange dogs sometimes really scare me - I’m getting better and more confident every day. I REALLY love going for walks, so I always look forward to my visits from John and Katy!”

June 2018

Winston & Pearl - Featured Pets for June 2018 Winston & Pearl

Pet's Names: Winston and Pearl
Proud Parents: Mike and Sayoko
Ages: almost 4 years old
Breeds: we don't know, probably just tabby.

Our Personalities: Winston: He is like honey badger. He never gives up until he gets what he wants. At the same time he is super affectionate and very clingy, sometimes too clingy. Super friendly. Very predictable. When we pick him up, he just hangs without resistance. He flops anywhere everywhere and stretches. The smell of Icy Hot drives him crazy. He is always looking for something to eat. Very entertaining to watch.   


Pearl: She is quiet, but very alert. She is the cutest when she meows. She can be very affectionate when she wants to be. She is a chubster and sometimes have difficult time rolling. She does not move once she gets situated. She is independent. She doesn't like close-up. Her favorite spot to sleep is on the top of the dresser or on my pillow next to my head. Her tail is always standing up and curled. 

Our Favorite Toy: little balls, a red twist tie, a pink sock

Our Favorite Game: chasing a red pen light or chasing each other

What We Like: Food. Winston loves cheese. They like to sleep by the vent where heat comes out in the bathroom during the winter. They love to sit on Mike's legs while watching TV. They love their friend, Luigi, our neighbor's black cat. They like to run around in the backyard and eat grass like cows (then Winston pukes afterwards). They like to look out the window watching birds and squirrels.     

Our Special Talent: They can eat very fast. 

Pearl and Winston’s mom tells us their adoption Stories: “In the spring of 2013 our first cat, Fenfen passed away after almost 15 years with us. We were so very sad for a long time. But after while a home without a cat was rather lonely. Then in the spring of 2014 I saw a flier at a yoga studio giving away kittens. We went to this lady's house and got two kittens, a brother and a sister, the last two, and they were gray tabby just like Fenfen. They turned out to be very good-natured cats. We believe that Fenfen came back to us through reincarnation as Winston and Pearl. We love our cats.”    

May 2018

Ella & Rosie - Featured Pets for May 2018 Ella & Rosie

Pet's Names:  Ella Fritzgerald.  Miss Rosie.

Proud Parents:  Fritz and Monica

Ages:  Ella is 12, and Rosie is 11.

Breeds:  Both are Domestic Short Hair.  Ella is a gray tabby, and Rosie is a black & white.


Our Personalities:  Ella meets us at the door most days and follows us all over the house while we're home.  She's a buddy cat - very playful and curious.  Rosie is very sweet, quite demure - though wears a little too much eye liner.  Rosie respects our house guest's space, while Ella will visit their rooms and check out their things.  Both are loving, cuddly kits.  


What We Like:  Ella likes to eat, chase Rosie, and purr in our ears every morning to get us up for breakfast.  Rosie likes to find a quiet and warm place to nap - preferably in the sun - and can do this all day.  We both like our tummies rubbed.


Our Special Talents:  Ella will sit for her treats.  She's also very talented at getting tangled in your feet at feeding times.  It's exhausting!  Rosie will also sit for her treats, and is a talented high jumper.


The girls’ mom tells us how they got them: “Ella and Rosie were both adopted from the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic.  We adopted Rosie one year after Ella, to provide mutual companionship.  Ella's given name was Xena, Warrior Princess. Rosie was named Router.  They both were about 7 months old when we adopted them, and both had previous families who no longer wanted them.  Lucky us!!!!!!!!!”

April 2018

Hester - Featured Pet for April 2018 Hester

Pet's Name: Hester
Proud Parents: Cathy and Alex 
Age: unknown, approximately 3 
Breed: I'm a 20 lb. mystery dog! 

My Personality: I'm full of energy and zoomies, but I love to sleep in on weekends.   

My Favorite Toy: My friend Lisa (Buzz's mom) got me a stuffed dinosaur named Rexy.  I love to sleep with him and carry him around.  I've kept his his stuffing inside him for almost 6 months now.  

My Favorite Game: One way fetch -you throw something, I go get it, then you chase me  

What I Like: I love treats!  I am also very good at keeping my humans safe by barking at newcomers in front of my apt window. 

My Special Talent: Couch renovation.  Sorry humans, I was very nervous when I first came home with you. 

Hester tells us how her mom and dad brought her home:  “I was a pregnant stray surrendered to K9 Stray Rescue League in Oxford sometime in November of 2016.  Cathy and Alex came to visit one of my roommates there in January 2017 but fell in love with me instead!  They must have been impressed with my dazzling smile-I love to show off my bottom teeth.  I've had the greatest year ever!  I went to my first baseball game in June, traveled to New York for summer vacation, and met Santa Claus a few weeks ago!  My humans call me the "downtown hound"-I love to go out to dinner with them in nice weather.  I sure hope all of my shelter friends are getting as much love as I am.”  

March 2018

SweetPea - Featured pet for March 2018 SweetPea

Pet's Name: SweetPea

Proud Parent: MaryEllen

Age: 7 years

Breed: Domestic Shorthair


My Personality: laid-back, talkative, and affectionate


My Favorite Toy: handmade catnip-filled fleece toys from my grandparents


My Favorite Game: stalking pens and batting them across the room


What I like: fresh fish, soft blankets, being pet, collars with bells, cardboard scratchers


My Special Talent: Beating MaryEllen in races up and down the stairs


SweetPea tells her own adoption story: “I came to MaryEllen after having been through two other homes. My first owner passed away, leading to me being brought to the humane society. I was then adopted, but unfortunately due to family allergies I was brought back to the humane society. MaryEllen had waited a long time to get her first pet, but was unable to due to a student budget and schedule. When finally graduating and moving out to the Midwest for her first job, first non-apartment, she was ready for her first pet….me. The humane society was very good to me, but MaryEllen's whole family has adopted me (even if just MaryEllen's name is on my adoption papers) and has vowed that they will be my forever family.”

February 2018

Phoebe and Justi - Featured Pets for February 2018 Phoebe & Justi

Pet's Names: Justi (male) and Phoebe (female)
Proud Parents: Lars and Joe

Ages: 10 going on 11 (both)
Breeds: American Burmese (Justi) and dilute tortoiseshell/mix (Phoebe)

Our Personalities: Justi: exceedingly laid back and seems grouchy but has a loving soul when you get to know him. Except he will always remind you that he is the superior life form. Phoebe is super lovey-dovey and will follow us around the house like a dog, even greeting us at the door at the end of the day.

Our Favorite Toys: Justi: a sparkly ball or a mouse with a rattle inside. Phoebe: a chili-pepper-shaped, catnip-filled toy, or a fuzzy round toy with googly eyes.

Our Favorite Games: Justi likes to leap onto the bed in pursuit of a sparkle ball thrown high. He also likes to carry his mice and sparkle-ball prey back to the food bowl and drop them in for safe-keeping (pictured). Phoebe likes to play fetch with the googly-eyed toy or tries to rip the chili pepper to shreds.

What We Like: Justi: Full-body massages (no exaggeration), including his pads. Phoebe likes to hide under the covers and pretend that no one knows she’s there, the better to attack a wayward finger.

Our Special Talents: Justi: Unbelievable and graceful leaps that show his muscles and agility. Being too cute for his own good. Phoebe: Looking into your eyes and grabbing then embracing your soul. You know she’s really connecting with you!

Justi and Phoebe’s dad tells us how they came to be part of their family: “Got Justi from a breeder in Lexington KY. The breeder used to raise horses then switched to cats. He slept all they home for the 6-hour drive. Phoebe: we found her at Pet Supply Plus when Planned Pethood from Toledo was doing one of their regular Saturday morning adoption things. Fell in love immediately!”

January 2018

January 2018 Featured Pets- Kirby, Eppie and Kya Kirby, Eppie and Kya

Pet's Names: Kirby (right), Eppie (left), & Kya (center)
Proud Parents: Paul and Becky 
Ages: 11,  7, 5
Breeds: English setter, Terrier mix, Cairn terrier

Our Personalities: Lovable, highly excitable pack dogs who love to cuddle inside and run outside.

Our Favorite Toys: Kirby: No toys, I prefer running around in the woods and stalking small animals.
Eppie: Balls! 
Kya: Balls, balls, balls!

Our Favorite Games:  Kirby:  I enjoy stealing my sister's toys and having them chase me...and then I like to bury their toys.
Eppie: I like catching tennis balls, but not returning them.
Kya: I love playing catch with any and everything, all the time...even when mom and dad are sleeping.

What We Like: Kirby: I like frog and chipmunk hunting at the lake house, chasing after rabbits in the backyard, checking out the neighborhood from the dog perch and cuddling with mom. 
Eppie: FOOD (especially stealing Kirby's food), balls, barking at every dog that walks by the house,  and meeting new people. 
Kya:  Balls. Balls, balls, balls, balls, balls...and eventually cuddling and full body scratches.

Our Special Talents: Kirby: Skunk killer, power to make mom feed me or let me outside with one bark,  can survive a below freezing night alone in the Michigan wilderness.
Eppie: Guard dog extraordinaire, knows 10+ verbal commands, can play dead, can make anyone fall in love with her.
Kya: I don't have any special talents, I'm just cute.

The pups’ parents tell their adoption stories: “Kirby was found in Georgia as a young lad by Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue and was placed in foster care with a family in Pennsylvania. We had driven up just to "check him out," and found an insanely energetic dog, running circles in the backyard. He eventually took the time to come say hi and sat right down next to Becky and rubbed his muddy nose all over her leg. We were sold!  Eppie was adopted a year later after serving her time as part of a medical research project. Kya recently came into our lives as a foster, but quickly won Becky over with her sweet face and affectionate face rubbing. She's not going anywhere.”

December 2017

December 2017 Featured Pet- Casey Casey

Pet's Name: Casey (aka Puppy, Pretzel, Booger)
Proud Parents: Alex & Dan
Age: 8.5 
Breed: Staffordshire Terrier Mix 

My Personality: Super sweet and lovable! I love to get attention and to give kisses. My tail is always wagging, and I have very expressive ears so you always know what I'm thinking. I'm very well behaved and just want to make people happy.

My Favorite Toy: Squeaky toys are scary, so I like to play with my friend Molly or run around with Alex and Dan.

My Favorite Game: I like to run back and forth down the hallway and into the bedroom, especially when I think that Alex and Dan are going to chase me. Those areas have carpet so I don't have to worry about slipping or sliding. 

What I Like: I like lying in the sun, staring out the window, cuddling on the couch, and getting frozen edamame treats. I also enjoy jumping on the bed in the morning to make sure my humans wake up, even though I'm not allowed on the bed. I love blankets, and sometimes I get so cozy that my feet end up tangled together and I look like a pretzel.

My Special Talent: I can roll over, but only in one direction (and I sometimes get confused and forget which direction that is). I pride myself on being a great cuddler, even when there is no room for me and I end up sitting in Dan's lap. 

Casey’s mom relates her adoption story: “I adopted Casey from Animal Control in my hometown of Wilmington, NC when she was about a year and a half old. It was the summer before my senior year of college, and I had been at lunch talking to my mom about potentially looking at graduate schools in England. My mom remembered that I had also talked about wanting to adopt a dog soon and knew that I wouldn't leave the country if I had a dog, so she immediately took me to look at dogs at the Animal Control. Casey was the only one in the place who wasn't barking and would sit on command. She had been found on the side of the road and had given birth recently, although only one of her puppies was with her when she was found. As soon as I interacted with her one on one, I knew she was meant to be mine. She's been my loyal puppy ever since!”

November 2017

November 2017 Featured Pets- Quinn, Luna and the OC Quinn, Luna and the OC

Pet's Names: Quinn, Luna and the OC

Proud Parents: Mike & Ellie
Ages: Quinn - 12, Luna - 14, the OC ?? probably 13 or 14
Breeds: miscellaneous

Our Personalities:

Quinn - good natured, philosophical, & likes to be picked up

The OC - hates to be left alone and loves anyone who will pet her

Luna - classically aloof; hates all cats and almost all people. Adores one person only.

What We Like: Quinn - loves to sit on the sun porch watching bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, & falling leaves. He’s fond of catnip too.
The OC - napping and getting petted are her highest rated activities.

Luna - Catching toys (twist ties are a favorite) and howling; running around madly; sitting in boxes; being admired.

Our Special Talents: Quinn, we have learned to our dismay, is an excellent mouser.
The OC has developed a tremendous knack for crashing business video conferences.

Whatever Luna wants, Luna gets.

Ellie tells us how they came to have the kitties: “They are all rescues. Luna was born in a hardware store warehouse in Charlottesville VA. Quinn was a VA stray. The OC showed up as an adult at our house in Pennsylvania, hungry and terrified. It took a year before she'd let us pet her, but she never looked back. (The OC is short for the Outside Cat. We never meant to keep her...).”

October 2017

October 2017 Featured Pet- Boots Boots

Pet's Name: Boots
Proud Parents: Patrick and Carrie
Age: 7
Breed: Blue Heeler/Australian Shepard, Terrier Mix

My Personality: Shy with new people, well mannered, goofy

My Favorite Toy: Too many to list! She often has a toy in her mouth and we call them her friends. She loves Alli the Alligator (pictured) and a ball that looks like a monster!

My Favorite Game: Fetch with a chuck it!

What I Like: Snuggling with my people! And sun bathing inside or outside!

My Special Talent: Fitting as many toys in my mouth as possible!

Boots' mom tells us her adoption story: "We rescued Boots through a non-profit group in Boulder, Colorado who saves dogs from kill shelters outside the state. Boots was very shy when we met her in the foster home, but we knew she was our girl! Over the last five years she's bonded closely with us and has showed us her sassy personality. We cannot imagine our lives without her!"

September 2017

September 2017 Featured Pets- Kelsey and Pluto Kelsey and Pluto

Pet's Names: Kelsey and Pluto         
Proud Parent: Jenny
Ages: Pluto:  will be 9 in July 2017, Kelsey:  will be 5 in November 2017
Breeds: Pluto: Rottie mix, Kelsey:  Greyhound          

Our Personalities: Pluto has an energetic and gregarious personality, which means he sometimes is embarrassingly friendly when company visits!  He is also a wonderful guard dog in that he will let loose with his Rottweiler bark if anyone comes to the door.  Once inside, they are subjected to kisses and cuddles.  Kelsey loves meeting people too but is politer.  If she sees a new person while out walking, she will try to approach them in hopes of educating them on retired greyhounds and solicit petting.   

Our Favorite Toys:  Pluto:  blue squeak ball and some stuffed animals.  Kelsey:  doesn’t play with toys yet but she does have a large stuffed rabbit that she uses as a pillow.

Our Favorite Games: Cuddle time, eating Greenies, barking at squirrels and rabbits from the balcony. 

What We Like:  People!  Getting petted!  Long walks! 

Our Special Talents:  Pluto completed two courses in agility and loved it.  He is fearless and sleeps through thunder storms.  Pluto may also be part pointer, as he has always known how to do the perfect point.  Kelsey is a retired greyhound who wins people over with her calm, patient demeanor.   Kelsey’s talent is using her owner as a napkin by rubbing her face against my leg when she’s done eating.  She also loves being brushed. 

Pluto and Kelsey’s mom tells us how she got them: “In 2009, Pluto was adopted at age 10 months from Last Day Dog Rescue, ( He transitioned very easily and loved obedience class and agility.  Pluto regards himself as a stud muffin.  He quickly made a few dog “girlfriends” in the neighborhood and loves to go on walks with them to this day.  Kelsey, (racing name:  Kelso’s Playlist) was adopted April 1 2017 from Greyhounds of Eastern Michigan (GEM) She is a graduate of the Greyhound Inmate Experience ( Kelsey has transitioned very nicely in her first month and has never had an “accident”.  She loves to follow me around the house and adores her brother Pluto, despite the fact that he’s the strangest smelling greyhound she’s ever met!”    

August 2017

August 2017 Featured Pet- Puddles Puddles

Pet's Name:  Puddles
Proud Parents:  Rachel Allen
Age:  13
Breed:  Beagle mix (maybe part chihuahua?)

My Personality:  easygoing, calm, and sweet

My Favorite Toy:  anything that squeaks

My Favorite Game:  competitive sleeping

What I Like:  human attention, naps, walks, and treats

My Special Talent:  snoring louder than most humans

Puddles’ adoption story: “Rachel was a new volunteer dog walker at the Humane Society of Huron Valley in 2005 with the goal of volunteering to get her dog fix so that she didn't bring one home.  Two weeks into volunteering, she walked through the back holding area to see the dogs that weren't officially up for adoption yet.  All of the dogs were barking to get her attention as she walked through...except for one.  Puddles (then Carrie) was sitting silently, staring, pleading with her sad eyes for attention.  Against her better judgement, Rachel put her hand through the gate for Puddles and she walked up and rested her head on Rachel's hand.  It was all over at that point.  :-)  Puddles stayed at HSHV for a few days so she could pass her medical checks and get spayed.  In the meantime, she racked up a list of people that wanted to adopt her if Rachel didn't come back!  Much to those people's dismay, Rachel came back and took Puddles home as soon as she could.”

July 2017

July 2017 Featured Pet- Lucy Lucy

Pet's Name: Lucy
Proud Parents: Liza
Age: Almost 9 years old, she was born by C-section and, fun fact, her birthday is New Year's Eve!
Breed: French Bulldog

My Personality: Frenchies are called "clown dogs" and Lucy absolutely fits that description and she is oh so loveable. Will choose snuggles over just about anything else!,

My Favorite Toy: Furry squirrel that squeaks...Lucy loves to play fetch and tug of war with her toys. 

My Favorite Game: Fetching her stuffed toys!

What I Like: Snuggling with my humans and playing with other dogs.

My Special Talent: Making noises like a Tasmanian devil!  She screeches when she isn't happy and the noise is terrifying...LOL, all Frenchies make the screech!

Lucy’s mom tells her adoption story: “My last child had graduated from High School and I was preparing to down size and move to Ann Arbor. I saw an Animal Planet special on French Bull dogs and instantly fell in love....started doing research and found they do well in small spaces, are low energy, etc. and so I got Lucy from a lady in Howell who took in French bulldog rescues and also had a few show dogs.  Lucy was twelve weeks, six pounds and the most adorable little dog, screeching and all!  I had always had larger, rescue dogs so having such a tiny puppy was a new experience.  She has been a wonderful companion and I am so thankful I caught that Animal Planet special!”  

June 2017

June 2017 Featured Pet- Valeska Valeska

Pet's Name: Valeska
Proud Parents: John and Jill
Age: 2 years
Breed: GSD

My Personality: A bundle of energy.

My Favorite Toy: Anything that squeaks, the louder the better.

My Favorite Game: Tugging on anything - a stick, a rope toy, my wading pool. As long as they want it and I've got it, I am happy.

What I Like: I love to get wet. If my parents can't see me, they usually just look in the shower and there I am.

My Special Talent: The ability to pose anywhere like Rin Tin Tin.  On the back of the couch or a chair, on a windowsill, even the foot board of the bed.

Valeska's mom tells us how she came to own her: "After several Bouvier's we wanted to downsize. A friend's sister had pups and we couldn't say no. We still can't and spoil her rotten."

May 2017

May 2017 Featured Pets- Shadow and Pauline Shadow and Pauline

Pet's Names: Shadow and Pauline
Proud Parents: Brynn
Ages: Shadow - 5, Pauline - 10
Breeds: Shadow - Golden Retriever, Pauline - Brussels Griffon/Chihuahua mix

Our Personalities: Both are mischievous and spoiled doggies. They love to sleep on the couches and find the comfiest spots in the house. Food time is the best part of their day and insist on eating their meals as soon as they are done with their walks (you better get ready for some backlash if you don't feed them right away). They both love to snuggle and just want all the love in the world.

Our Favorite Toys: Shadow - My red Kong ball that must come with me wherever I go! Pauline - Antlers, antlers, antlers!

Our Favorite Games: Shadow - Chasing the laser pointer; Pauline - Tug with her stuffed toys.

What We Like: Belly rubs, food, treats, and walks.

Our Special Talents: Shadow will give you a high five if you extend your hand out and say "Go Blue!" He is a true Michigan fan! Pauline is learning how to sit, but she prefers to bark and jump when she sees a treat and doesn't understand why her mom wants her to sit.

Shadow and Pauline tell their own adoption stories. Shadow says, "My mom came to pick me out when I was only 4 weeks old! I knew I wanted to go home with her, so I made sure she knew I wouldn't take no for an answer! When she was paying attention to my brothers and sisters, I would bark at her and run onto her lap. It was obvious that I was her dog, so she told the breeder that I was the one! Four weeks later, my mommy came back for me, and we've been together ever since."


Pauline says, "I was adopted from the Humane Society of Huron Valley. When my mom found me, I was being treated for fleas and had no hair on my back or tail. I was also very scared of humans I didn't know. I felt pretty comfortable around my new mom though and loved meeting my brother Shadow. I burrowed under the covers that night and knew this was a match made in heaven. We've been a perfect little family ever since!"

April 2017

April 2017 Featured Pet- Lily Lily

Pet's Name: Lily
Proud Parents: Keith and Deb
Age: about 10
Breed: Labrador Retriever

My Personality: Happy go lucky, every moment is wonderful.

My Favorite Toy: Loves her chew antlers and tennis balls.

My Favorite Game: Endless games of catch, but now has arthritis in her shoulder and should not do that any more.

What I Like: Food, any kind, will even eat carrots like they are the best thing ever.

My Special Talent: Sleeping in when she's allowed on the bed.

Lily's mom tells us her adoption story: "We lost both of our dogs within weeks of each other, we were heartbroken. After some time, Keith started looking on rescue sites and saw Lily. We passed the adoption process and she came to our home. She is a joy and delight for us every day."

March 2017

March 2017 Featured Pet- Mia Mia

Pet's Name: Mia
Proud Parent: Katy
Age: 8
Breed: Mix (probably tabby and calico)

My Personality: Overall, I am a pretty chill cat (except when I am hungry... then I will holler at the top of my lungs until I get food). I spend most of my time napping, but I also love getting attention. When I am really happy to see someone, I will roll around in their lap, drooling all over the place. I like curling up next to my mom on the couch when she is reading or watching TV. I can be playful sometimes, but I get tired quickly (probably due to respiratory problems that also cause me to sound like Darth Vader).

My Favorite Toy: A small stuffed mouse.

My Favorite Game: Chasing my stuffed mouse (or another toy with feathers).

What I Like: Eating, napping, and getting attention.

My Special Talent: Getting cat hair on everything.

Mia's mom tells us her adoption story: "Mia was rescued by the Humane Society of Huron Valley. She had been dumped on the street as a kitten and was attacked by another animal. She was badly injured - she almost lost one of her eyes (she is now blind in that eye, but does not let that get her down) - but the Humane Society took good care of her. When I came in to look for a cat, a cat volunteer told me she had a great one in mind. I sat down on the floor in front of Mia's cage, and once it was opened, she climbed into my lap, started purring, and stayed there for almost an hour. I adopted her on the spot."

February 2017

February 2017 Featured Pet- Lucy Lucy

Pet's Name: Lucy
Proud Parents: Molly and Andrew
Age: 3
Breed: Golden Retriever

My Personality: Happy go lucky, friendly, curious and affectionate.

My Favorite Toy: A stuffed bunny that I carry around and sleep while holding in my mouth.

My Favorite Game: Love to chase and run as fast as possible with you as well as fetching a ball.

What I Like: Attention, cuddling, stuffed toys, playing with other dogs, and foos (anything!).

My Special Talent: Making friends with anybody and everyone!

Lucy's mom tells us how she got Lucy: "Lucy was brought home during the polar vortex in the middle of winter at 2 months old! She was matched to me by the breeder based on her personality. Potty training went smoothly despite the weather and she loved rolling in the snow. She was very loving but also very independent and curious!"

January 2017

January 2017 Featured Pets- Argyle and Patty Argyle and Patty

Pet's Names: Argyle and Patty
Proud Parents: Becky and Mike
Ages: 7 and 6.5
Breeds: Chihuahua/Terrier mix and Mystery/Terrier mix

Our Personalities: We are sweet and fuzzy mischief makers. There are not enough snacks or snuggles in the world for us!

Our Favorite Toys: Argyle can usually be found with one of his three fetch favorites: a plush bee-hive that is the size of his body (the stuffed bees it contained long since devoured), a hollow black slightly squeaky bone, or a tiny plastic pumpkin that is always sneaking under the furniture for months at a time. Patty only enjoys toys once in a while and will never fetch, but she often relaxes with a good benebone. Preferably the one that Argyle is currently trying to chew on.

Our Favorite Games: It is fetch all the way for Argyle. And "stand under your feet while you cook" for Patty.

What We Like: Argyle loves to sit in a warm sunbeam, whether it be out in the lawn or on the kitchen floor. He also enjoys interacting endlessly with any guest that comes through the door. Patty loves coffee, and will go to great lengths to get it. Don't leave your caffeine unattended, or you will return only to the remnants of a latte puddle. We both love tailgating, and get lots of compliments on our game day gear.

Our Special Talents: We are both accomplished shedders, and proficient "sit," "down," and "wait" ers. Our true talent is our ability to convert even the animal-averse to members of our fan club. Friends have been known to stock up on allergy medication in order to give us all the pets we want.

Becky tells us how Argyle and Patty came to be with her: "Argyle (nee Scamp) was adopted from Canine Companions Rescue Center. His mother had been rescued from a high kill shelter while pregnant, and Argyle was born in foster care! Patty (nee Hazy) was adopted from the Humane Society of Genesee County. Her mother, also pregnant, was found as a stray and Patty was born at the Humane Society. She was listed as a German Shepherd mix, but with a 30 pound Terrier for a mom... I think her father must have been on the small side! We named her Cleopatra because her puppy pictures made it look like she had thick winged eyeliner on, but that quickly got shortened to Patty and it stuck."

More Featured Pets

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"A dog will flatter you but you have to flatter the cat."- George Mikes

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