Pet 'N Play logo with owners John and Katy and their dog Ryder
Pet 'N Play logo with owners John and Katy and their dog Ryder

"Katy and John really care about their clients. This is evident in the way they treat my pets and the excellent communication and updates provided throughout their visits. Petrie and Pipette can't wait to see them again!" Beth

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August 2020

Ryder - Featured Pet for August 2020 Ryder

Ryder is again this month's Featured Pet, doing his best to cope with the Covid-19 outbreak.

July 2020

July 2020 Featured Pets - Excalibur, Tiger and Herbie, Rosie is above Tiger and at the top is Coco aka Mickey. Excalibur, Tiger and Herbie, Rosie is above Tiger and at the top is Coco aka Mickey.

This month's Covid-19 induced Featured Pet comes from our cat Dolly. Her kitties to be more precise.

Dolly's kitties, at 7 wks old are, lower left to right, Excalibur, Tiger and Herbie, Rosie is above Tiger and at the top is Coco aka Mickey.

June 2020

Jake - no Featured Pet for June 2020 Jake

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have another month without a new Featured Pet. So we bring you a blast from our past, our first dog Jake. Jake was originally a bait shop guard dog in Detroit, but was just too friendly to be a guard dog, so we got him. And even though he would have jumped into anyone's car, we were able to keep him for quite a while. :-)

May 2020

Ryder - No Featured Pet for May 2020 Ryder

With the Covid-19 outbreak taking up all our concerns, we do not have a Featured Pet this month. As you can see, Ryder is very sad. Hopefully next month we will get back to (the new) normal!

April 2020

Arcadia - Featured Pet for April 2020 Arcadia

Pet's Name: Arcadia

Proud Parents: Brian and Marian

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Catahoula Mix


My Personality: Mellow


My Favorite Toy: Mighty Dog Squeaky Ball - I can hardly fit it in my mouth, but I love to make it squeak!


My Favorite Game:  Staring down squirrels - especially the fat ones


What I Like:  Dinnertime and snacks - especially a Kong with liverwurst or cream cheese


My Special Talent:  Nosework to get yummy treats


Arcadia tells her own adoption story:  “I was found in Farmington, New Mexico after I broke away from my tie-off.  I stayed at the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter for 28 days and nobody claimed me.  Then, my new family brought me home and now I am spoiled!”

March 2020

Maizey - Featured Pet for March 2020 Maizey

Pet's Name: Maizey
Proud Parents: Shannon and Mike

Age: 4
Breed: 1/2 pug, 1/4 Shih Tzu, 1/4 Maltese (according to the genetic testing)

My Personality: Cuddly and loving, playful, mischievous

My Favorite Toy: The newest one!  

My Favorite Game: Tug of war or racing around the house after bath time

What I Like: Walks, family outings, napping on the couch, snuggles, eating seafood and grapefruit

My Special Talent: Jumping and mischief!  

Maizey’s mom relates her adoption story: “We adopted Maizey from Cal State Dog Rescue in Campbell, California in 2016 when she was about 1 year old.  We had actually agreed to foster to adopt another dog, who ended up having a bad day when Mike went to pick her up.  The volunteers suggested Maizey--"Allison" on their website--as a well-natured dog.  She walked right up to Mike, let him walk her around the store and the rest is history (and the other dog got adopted the next day :). We are so proud of how far she has come with socializing with people and dogs (she used to be afraid to go outside for walks), moving to Michigan about 6 months ago, and bringing joy to everyone she meets!”

February 2020

Jade & Mushu - Featured Pets for February 2020 Jade & Mushu

Pet's Names: Jade and Mushu

Proud Parents: Mary and Bob

Ages: Mushu: 15   Jade: 2

Breeds: Mushu: orange tabby    Jade: Pit Bull mix


Our Personalities: 

Mushu:  Mushu is the one in charge and makes sure Jade knows that.  He can be very cantankerous, especially when he goes to the vet and when people come into our home.  With us he is a love bug and a true pal. He protects the house (from the inside) and knows all that is going on.


Jade:  Jade has a lot of energy.  So much that she can get a bit too excited, especially when we come home.  She loves her walks, being 2 years old I don’t think she will ever get tired out!   She is a very loving dog who wants to please everyone and be happy.


Favorite Toys: 

Mushu being old does not play with toys much anymore, but he still likes his scratching post and box.


Jade likes toys that make noise, though they don’t last very long as she also loves to chew and tear toys apart! She also loves toys that we can fill with treats and she has to work a bit to get them out.


Favorite Games: 

Mushu:  When Mushu was younger he would hang out with your youngest daughter while she told stories with doll houses, animals and Thomas the Tank Engine.  Mushu was also a very good listener to Laura as she read to him! He also likes to sleep on ottomans between the feet of anyone who is reading.   


Jade:  Loves to run and catch things, such as balls and Frisbees. As previously mentioned she LOVES to chew and tear toys apart!

Our Special Talents: Being super loving and making us very happy!

Mushu and Jade’s mom tell us their adoption stories:

“Mushu:  Someone from my husband’s work said he had an orange tabby he was trying to find a home for, we said yes we would love him.  But we were on vacation and when we got home Bob’s co-worker had given him away. So we went to the Humane Society and lucked out that they had a male orange tabby ready to join a family.  We again said yes, and Mushu became part of our family. He got his name as our girls were 2 and 5 at the time and were watching a lot of Mulan, Mushu is one of the main characters!


“Jade:  Jade is our 3rd dog.  Our last one was our beloved dog Bingo who was my father’s dog and loving companion. He was an extremely special dog that we were very thankful to have with us after my father died.  We only made it 2 months without a dog after Bingo died. We went to the Humane Society but had not been there in years and did not know they were a Pit Bull center. I had a bit of work to do to educate myself regarding false myths and stereotypes about the breed.  I’m very thankful my 17 year old daughter without these stereotypes was with me as she got me to pause, think and learn about this breed. Jade came home with us for what they call a pajama party, which is a trial run. We adored Jade from the beginning but we were not sure how she and Mushu would get along.  With the help of the Human Society staff and trainers we saw progress and they now are great pals! With Mushu clearly in charge!”

January 2020

Czech - Featured Pet for January 2020 Czech

Pet's Name: Czech 
Proud Parents: Elyse and Ben 
Age: 9 months
Breed: Lab/golden retriever mix 

My Personality: Goofy, sweet, playful and affectionate 

My Favorite Toy: Anything with a squeaker or food hidden inside! Most toys don’t last very long with me, chewing is my favorite hobby!


My Favorite Game: Aside from stealing a socks or old T-shirts, I love tug of war and batting around tennis balls with my paws.


What I Like: Car rides are my FAVORITE, I am so well behaved in the car and love watching the world go by. And after a long day of walks/hikes/meeting other dogs or running free at the park, I love to snuggle with mom and dad on the couch! 


My Special Talent: I love to show off how well I can “sit” and “shake”. Most people don’t ask me to shake, but I tend to do it with both paws anyway! 


Czech’s mom tells us how Czech came to be with them: “Ben and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while, but we had a wedding we were planning, so I asked if we could wait until life settled down a bit.
Fast forward to 3 months before our wedding (you know, crunch time), my coworker sent me the HVHS Love Train email, where I saw pictures of Czech and his brothers/sisters. Although we had nothing ready and hadn’t prepared in the slightest, the second I sent those pictures to Ben, I knew we’d have a new little guy in our life within 48 hours.
Ben immediately cancelled an out of town trip for that weekend, and I was in Cincinnati for my wedding dress fitting at the exact time the adoption event began. So while I had a seamstress pinning my dress, my mom had Ben on the phone while he met the puppies. He fell in love with Czech immediately, and I was all in once I saw a picture of him! 
Six months later, we have a strong, loving, funny pup that has become part of our family and helped us start our life together. We love him like crazy!”

December 2019

Ryder - Featured Pet for December 2019 Ryder

Pet's Name: Ryder
Proud Parents: Katy & John
Age: ~8 1/2 years old
Breed: Great Dane

My Personality: I love mom and dad, but not many other people. I love to cuddle, on the bed, the couch, anywhere!

My Favorite Toy: My giant Kong ball - I love to chase it and run with it in the yard. It even has a handle for carrying/tossing. I like it best when mom or dad throws it for me.

My Favorite Game: Chasing and running with my big Kong ball. I also like hide-n-seek with my mom, she's a really good hider.

What I Like: Let's see, I like my three cat siblings. I love going on walks. I love ice cubes. And I really love peanut butter - yummy!

My Special Talent: I can sit very still so mom or dad can take my picture. Of course it's usually an embarassing picture, like me with treats balancing on my ose, or something like that, sigh...

Ryder was also the Featured Pet in November 2018, his adoption story is repeated here.

Ryder’s dad tells us his adoption story: “Our last dog, Jake, a Rottweiler/Doberman mix (and absolute pussycat) had passed away a couple years before. We were in no hurry to adopt, as we own a dog walking business, and see dogs every day. But we felt it was time. We went to the Humane Society of Huron Valley to check out a dog they had on their web site (we were looking for an adult, bigger dog). But, having 4 cats, we had to make sure the dog would be okay with cats. He was not. We had also seen another dog on their web site (Ryder), but he wasn’t in the general population. We asked, and they took us to him. He passed the “cat test” (and still gets along great with our cats), and before you knew it we were taking him home! We are glad we did. He has his issues, to be sure, but we love him! And the cats don’t seem to mind him either.”

More Featured Pets

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"A dog will flatter you but you have to flatter the cat."- George Mikes

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