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Pet 'N Play logo with owners John and Katy and their dog Ryder

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Our clients' dog Earl Earl

The Pet 'N Play team absolutely ROCKS! They give me such peace of mind knowing they are looking in on my dog, Earl's, needs and REALLY taking care of him. All of the staff at Pet 'N Play genuinely seem to enjoy the work they do and truly care about Earl. It is a relief every time to know they are going to care for him in my absence. When I come home Earl is just as peaceful as when I left, and it is such a relief to count on that. They go above and beyond by writing the details of their visits, clearly showing their care for Earl, and they always provide me an update after their first visit, letting me know everything is ok. I have been using Pet 'N Play's services for almost 6 years and I feel so lucky to have found them. They are truly a blessing to me and Earl!" Rebecca

Our clients' dog Bea Arthur Bea Arthur

Pet 'N Play makes us feel safe. We are working professionals and it's hard to be home mid-day. It's wonderful to know Bea is in good hands. To her and to us, Pet 'N Play is like family. We are so glad we found you!!" Jose and Cesar

Our clients' dog Mia Mia

"Pet 'N Play is a lifesaver. Mia's daily schedule is not interrupted because we are out of town - John and Katy take loving care of Mia while we are away. John and Katy's visits allow a blind dog to stay in familiar surroundings." Sandra

Our clients' dog Taj Taj

Fantastic service! Very reliable and professional. Very easy to reach in case of last minute scheduling changes. Very trustworthy. Would recommend to everyone." Nikhil and Jaie

Our clients' dog Saratoga Saratoga

"Personal, professional and always reliable pet care. Our dog loves John and Katy!" Stacy

Our clients' dog Neeko Neeko

Katy and John both love dogs and I feel comfortable and secure when I know they are taking Neeko out. I know they will communicate daily." Lisa

Our clients' dog Maizie Maizie

"We have been very pleased with the professionalism, the reliability, the friendly attitude and the "extra mile" of your service. I heartily recommend Pet 'N Play. Maizie agrees!" Ken and Betsy

Our clients' dog Picco Picco

"I have used Pet 'N Play for nearly five years. As a physician, I often encounter long & late hours, but Pet 'N Play has ALWAYS reliably provided exemplary care of my dog. I have already receommended them to many friends & colleagues who now get the peace of mind that comes with Pet 'N Play looking after your pet." Becca

Our clients' dogs Oscar and Gracie Oscar and Gracie

"We love knowing that Oscar and Gracie are being cared for by dog lovers!"  Elizabeth

Our clients' dogs Maggie and Bentley Maggie and Bentley

"Excellent, reliable caring service. Dogs are truly walked, not just turned out in the yard for a few minutes. Customers are notified well in advance of any possible vacation days for the service." Paula

Our clients' dog Gigi Gigi

"I am very pleased with the service; I don't worry any more; I know my dog will be taken care of and I can trust Pet 'N Play." Natalie

Our clients' dog Penny Penny

"John & Katy are really wonderful in their visits to Penny either once a day while I'm working or more frequently when we are out of town. They have intelligent and professional insight, and Penny is a high energy dog that requires more interaction than just a walk, which she gets with John & Katy. She always looks good, relaxed when I get home and they have visited her. I'm grateful!" Julie

Our clients' cat Jack Jack

"So grateful for Pet 'N Play services! We now travel worry free knowing that our cat, Jack, is being well cared for.  He's always fluffy, soft, and relaxed when we return (John has discovered how much Jack loves to be brushed!). We highly recommend Pet 'N Play as a dependable, reliable, professional pet sitting service!" Paul & Mary

Our clients' cats Chloe and Rosie Chloe and Rosie

"I've been meaning to write you about this for some time. I also wanted to let you know that you are by far the best pet sitting service we have ever used. Your professionalism, organization and care of our pets was phenomenal. We loved the visit summary notes and the pictures you took of our cats. We used your service frequently when taveling, sometimes on short notice, due to health problems of a relative; the knowledge that our cats were well-cared for had been so reassuring during an otherwise very stressful time. You set the bar very high for other pet sitters!" Jessica

Our clients' dog Lucy Lucy

"We stumbled upon Pet 'N Play after our previous arrangements proved to not be reliable. John and Katy are incredibly honest, loving towards Lucy, reliable and flexible to our ever-changing schedules. We couldn't ask more - except to have found them sooner!" Ashley and Josh

Our clients' dog Taj Taj

"We highly recommend Pet 'N Play for dog walking services. Their staff are courteous, professional and wonderful with dogs. We appreciated their communication and follow-up with schedule changes with our dog's walks. They were also happy to be available when we needed extra walks. We would definitely go to Pet 'N Play for our dog walking needs again." Anu

Our clients' dog Bunny Bunny

"Katy & John offer such a professional level of service that you can't help but feel confident in the care of your pet. It is great to know that you never need to worry about anything - they are completely reliable!" Marilou

Our clients' dog Nikki Nikki

"Nikki is a very skittish dog around new people. The Pet 'N Play team has been very sensitive to this and allowed their relationship with her to flourish." Lynn

Our clients' dog Sheldon Sheldon

"The owners and dogwalkers at Pet 'N Play have been reliable, professional, responsible and very personable in their service to my dog and family. They are understanding of my beagle's anxieties and provide daily updates on his progress. They are available for frequent visits when needed and flexible in their scheduling. I completely trust them in my home and with my dog. I have noted improvements in my dog's behavior since thet started visiting - which is a huge relief for a dog owner with a very busy work schedule." Katy

Our clients' dog Sydney Sydney

"Having Pet 'N Play coming daily made my work transition from Ann Arbor to Detroit possible. Our dog thoroughly enjoys the visits." Julia

Our clients' dog Styx Styx

"Pet 'N Play took care of my dog as well as I do - he loved them for it, too." Martha

Our clients' dogs Zoe and Mollie Zoe and Mollie

"You guys are First Class!" Rick

Our clients' dog Gypsy Gypsy

"Gypsy is always so happy on the days that John or Katy come to walk. I enjoy the notes they leave me!" Sue

Our clients' dog Kira Kira

"When we talked with Katy and John we told them we wanted them to be our dog Kira's extended family in Ann Arbor. One day Pat's schedule took an unexpected turn and she was still home when Katy arrived for Kira's regular break. Kira greeted Katy with such delight that we knew our hope of extending her idea of her family to include Pet 'N Play had been fulfilled. Their reliable, kind and attentive care has added warmth, comfort and good company to Kira's life." Patricia

"The staff of Pet 'N Play are fantastic people - professional, thorough, kind and helpful. Not only did they take excellent care of our cat, they provided tremendous help when we were out of state and our basement flooded. Thanks to Katy and John our trip (and basement!) were not ruined!" Harmony

Our clients' cat Casey Casey

"Katy & John always do a wonderful job taking care of Casey! Their daily notes are great to read, and I know Casey is in good hands. I highly recommend their services whenever you're out of town. It's great to have piece of mind that your pet is in good care." Julia

Our clients' dog Addison Addison

"Our puppy, Addison, wanted to share her adoration for Katy & John and their pet service:  "Their visits were the highlight of my day!  My parents put me in a terribly boring crate when they go to work...if it weren't for Pet 'N Play, I would be stuck in there all day.  I love Katy and John as much as my Kong filled with peanut butter!  My parents love their service too.  They are obsessed with my report cards and I often hear them mention that Katy & John are extremely flexible, reliable and organized"  Addison, Katie & Brad

Our clients' dog Murphy Murphy

"Pet 'N Play has been walking my dog, Murphy, daily since April 2009.  I am extremely pleased with their service and would highly recommend them to others who need someone to give their pet some love and attention during the workday.  Pet 'N Play is extremely reliable and has never missed a scheduled day, which I really appreciate.  I also appreciate that they really seem to love my pet as much as I do.  I especially like the daily report card that is left behind each day.  The report card reassures me that Murphy got his walk that day and also gives me valuable information, such as low energy on a walk or accidents in the house, that allows me to monitor whether any health or behavior problems are starting to crop up."  Loralee

Our clients' dog Marco Marco

"Katy and John are so wonderful with Marco- they've been visiting him since he was eight weeks old and we couldn't be happier with their service, especially with a tempestuous puppy!"  Suparna

"When I realized that my husband and I would need to be away from our two cats for about 1 month, I panicked. Our cats are old and extremely nervous around strangers. Having recently moved to Michigan meant friends & family weren't an option. After communicating with Katy & John from Pet 'N Play, I knew that we had found the answer.

In our initial consultation, Katy & John listened to my concerns. I could tell instantly that they were going to do everything they could to take care of our cats - and they did. In fact, Katy & John went above and beyond to make sure that the cats were being taken care of and that I was well informed.

The updates I received via email showed me that what Pet 'N Play provides is more than just a "pet sitting" service. They truly care about the comfort and well being of the pets they work with, and they respect the pet owners as well. They knew I was nervous about leaving our cats, and they were sure to keep me informed through emails and even videos.

It is rare to find people in any industry/profession who take their work so seriously. Pet 'N Play will take excellent care of your pets, and they will do everything that they can to do so.

As most pet owners would say, my cats are like my children. I would place my trust in Pet 'N Play to watch my cats any time!" Andrea

Our clients' dogs Peanut, Sky and Luna Peanut, Sky & Luna

"Being new to the area, we were nervous about finding someone new to watch our pets. John, Katy and the staff at Pet 'N Play were there for us last minute and took excellent care of our "babies" and our home." Melissa and Ron

Our clients' cat Daisy Daisy

"I'm so glad I found John and Katy. Daisy is old, arthritic and deaf, so she's not always "welcoming" with new people. However, John and Katy seemed to win her over. I really appreciated the detailed daily updates, too." Mary

"Pet 'N Play took excellent care of my cats while I was traveling out of the country. I could just relax and enjoy my trip. I received updates on my cats - and a thank you card with photos of my cats after my return. I highly recommend them." Jamie

Our clients' dog D.O.G. D.O.G. (above), Mia (below left), Oreo (below Right)

"There is no doubt in my mind that I will contact John & Katy the next time I go away! They are definitely animal lovers and my dogs were very well cared for! They didn't "pout" or "stay angry" like they have done in the past when I have gone away! Thank you John & Katy!" Nancy

"Friendly, excellent service & genuine care!  We loved them and will no doubt use them again.  Incredibly convenient, it made the trip so much easier for us and our pets!"  Stephanie

Princess Chewbacca Esq III, Lady McKenzie of Edinbergh, and Duchess Persephone MD (pictured above)

"Katy and John really care about their clients. This is evident in the way they treat my pets and the excellent communication and updates provided throughout their visits. Petrie and Pipette can't wait to see them again!" Beth

Our clients' dog Paczek Paczek

"My dog immediately fell in love with John and Katy during our first meeting. I trusted that they would take good care of my dog after a thorough initial visit. The email updates and written reports reduced my stress and anxiety, and I felt confident that my dog was comfortable and well-cared for. Thanks!" Danielle

Our clients' cat Oliver Oliver

"John and Katy are so kind and thorough. I slept soundly knowing my cat was in their care and I highly recommend them to any pet owner!" Margaret

"Trustworthy, caring, professional, love for family pets as though they're your children. Owners leave on their trip with a sense of peace, knowing Katy & John will be handling things from home. Your service is a blessing to us!" Kendra

Stinkerpants and Boo (pictured above left and right respectively)

"It was the first time we had left our cats for an extended period of time.  Rather than board them we found Pet 'N Play's services to be a welcome alternative.  Katy made me feel comfortable during the initial visit.  I was able to explain the cats' routines and personalities and make sure everything was in order before we left.  I greatly appreciated the updates we received while we were gone.  It assured me that everything was okay.  Thank you!"  Laura

Our clients' cats Bexley and Hanna Bexley and Hanna

"Katy and John gave me piece of mind that my kitties and my home were safe and well cared for while I was away.  They were professional to me and affectionate to my cats.  I can't say enough good things about their service."  Laura

Our clients' dog KIrby Kirby

"We've been using Pet 'N Play for a long time now and love it.  We recommend it."  Aisha

"This is a great service we recommend to anyone with pets who is going on vacation.  It is affordable, and Katy and John are very trustworthy."  Chris

"Provided excellent care for my cat while I was away, responsible and affectionate.  I would not hesitate to recommend Pet 'N Play to anyone.  They are exactly who you want looking after your pet when you cannot do so yourself."  Julie

Our clients' dogs Junneau and Lilly Juneau and Lilly

"I have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Katy and John of Pet 'N Play.  They are always very sweet and affectionate with my 2 high maintenance, exuberant Saint Bernards which they walk 3 times a week.  They are very patient and tolerant, but always have control of them- not an easy task with 300 lbs of excited dog!  Katy and John have gone out of their way to accommodate my constantly changing schedule and provide excellent service in every way.  They are very organized and professional, always leaving cards with info about the walk as well as anecdotes and pictures documenting the escapades of Lilly and Juneau!  I highly recommend them to anyone with a pet!"  Jerry

"I have two cats and a rabbit and it's really comforting to know that John & Katy are always there for them when I have to go out of town. It's especially nice to have someone who can care for my rabbit since he can be a bit skittish. Thank you Pet 'N Play!" Meaghan

Percy, Dinah and Toby (pictured above left to right)

"John & Katy are excellent, detail-oriented pet sitters!  I knew my cats were in the best hands while I was away."  Rosemary

Our clients' dogs Ande and Orion Ande and Orion

"Since John and Katy are caring for my pets, they look, act and are happier!  It is like Ande and Orion are their own.  Love them!"  Millie

Our clients' dogs Bodhi, Dharma and Telly Bodhi, Dharma and Telly

"Pet 'N Play has been a totally wonderful addition to our dog's daily schedule.  Katy & John take wonderful care of Telly, Bodhi & Dharma and I am so happy that I can feel like I am getting great feedback on how they are when I can't be there."  Jackie

Our clients' cats Ggog and Hammurabi Gogo and Hammurabi

"I am so happy to have found Pet 'N Play! You guys are great. I always feel confident about leaving my cats under your care. Your e-mail updates are informative and I love the notes about each visit. My cats are always healthy and happy when I get home! You are incredibly flexible and happy to help whenever you can. Payment is really easy and convenient. I can't recommend your service enough!" Stephanie

"I loved Pet 'N Play because my pets received a lot of personal attention & TLC. When I arrived home after being gone a week they were all very happy & contented. I never worried about them as I had an update via e-mail every couple of days. I had trouble on my last flight & John & Katy were happy to make an extra visit. They're the best!" Stephanie

Cookie and Amo (pictured above left and right respectively)

Our clients' dog Charlie Charlie

"John & Katy have been awesome!  It's so nice to know that Charlie will be well-cared for while I am at work!  They even called to notify me of a problem at my house while I was at work- they've been a great blessing & helped keep my mind at ease.  Thanks so much!"  Nicole

Our clients' dog Mac Mac

"When we arrived home from a week-long vacation, our pet seemed happy & healthy!  Our home was also looked after & we really appreciated that also!"  Sharilyn

"Pet 'N Play cared for both my cats for 14 days and I was extremely happy with their service.  They were very professional and attentive in their care for my cats.  I had absolutely no worries about my cats knowing they were being cared for by Pet 'N Play."  Stacey

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