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Pet 'N Play logo with owners John and Katy and their dog Ryder

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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Rates


Daily Dog Walking Rates

(for up to 2 pets):

  • 10 Minutes - $17/visit
  • 20 Minutes - $20/visit


Vacation/Out-of- Town Pet Sitting Rates

(for up to 2 pets):

  • 10 Minutes - $17/visit
  • 20 Minutes - $20/visit
  • 30 Minutes - $23/visit


Additional Rates:

  • Each Additional 10 Minutes- $5
  • Each Additional Pet (over 2)- $2/visit
  • Holiday Charge- Additional $10 per visit (Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day)
  • Out-of-Area Surcharge- $5-$10 per visit (Regular service area includes most Ann Arbor addresses- some areas of Ann Arbor may also incur extra charge)


Minimum Service:

  • For Vacation/Out of Town Pet Sitting, there is a minimum 6 visit purchase to begin as a new client. Unused visits are good for 1 year.


 Rates as of January 1, 2022 and are subject to change any time.


Pet Taxi Service (for existing clients only):


  • $25 for the first 30 minutes plus $.50/mile (first 10 miles free)
  • $5 for each additional 10 minutes

Additional Fees:


  • Copy of key - $5 (if 2 are not provided by client)
  • Emergencies - $30 per event (vet visit, lock out, etc.) + regular rates for service and any additional expenses.
  • Returned Check Fee - $30 per item
  • Late Payments - $10 (For daily dog walking clients with monthly invoicing, payment is due on the 15th of each month; for all other services, payment is due on or before the first day of scheduled service.)

Tips: Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated. All tips go to the sitter doing the actual visits.

Referral Program


Refer a Friend

  • Refer a friend and receive one free 20 minute visit.  Referral must purchase at least one visit. 


Intial Consultation:  Always FREE!

To request service, please visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form.


Reservation/Cancellation Policy

For Daily Dog Walking Service (for clients with a regular, ongoing schedule in place):




Requests for service made after 5pm the day before, or made on the same day, will incur an additional $5 charge.  Please note that these last minute requests are not guaranteed, and the time slot requested may not be available.  The more notice given, the more likely the request will be accommodated. 




No charge for visit if canceled by 5pm the day before a scheduled visit.  Full charge will apply for cancellations made after 5pm the day before a scheduled visit, and for same day cancellations.  


For Vacation/Out-of-Town Service and/or Non-regular Dog Walking Service:




Requests for service less than 7 calendars days in advance will incur an additional $5 per visit late reservation charge, up to a maximum of $50 per reservation.   Please note that last minute requests for service are not guaranteed, and time slots may not be available.  The more notice given, the more likely the request will be accommodated.




No charge if scheduled service is canceled 7 or more calendar days in advance.  $30 charge for vacation/out of town service canceled less than 7 calendar days in advance. There is No Refund if you leave later than scheduled, or return early and no longer need our service.  Full charge applies to scheduled dog walking visits canceled less than 7 calendar days in advance. 


Please note during peak times (summer vacation, holidays, etc.) the reservation/cancellation policy may vary.


The following reservation/cancellation policy is for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays:


Reservations must be made at least 14 days ahead for any service during Thanksgiving weekend (Wednesday through Sunday), or for any service during December 23 through January 2. Otherwise the late reservation charge of $5 per visit ($50 maximum) will apply. There is No Refund for service cancelled less than 14 days in advance.


Please plan ahead!  Make your requests for service in advance, especially during peak times such as school breaks and holidays.  We want to ensure we can fit your pet into our schedule.  It is never too early to make a reservation, but it could be too late!


Contact Us:

Pet 'N Play- Your Personal Pet Sitters

Ann Arbor, MI

(734) 913-2027

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."- Roger Caras

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